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New Magic Liner Holds Your Lashes In Place While You Hustle All Day!

Finally, Ditch the Glue,

Expensive Extensions &

Heavy Magnets!

New Magic Liner + Lash System Provides Cloud-Like Comfort And Take Seconds to Apply!

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on eyelash extensions...


...and you can’t be bothered with heavy magnetic lashes, then I’ve got something for you.


There’s a NEW magic eyeliner formula that doesn’t involve magnets or glue!


And if your eyes are sensitive like mine are, then you’ll be happy to hear this formula is totally safe and Latex-Free.


It doesn’t cause the irritation and redness that comes with using questionable chemicals.


Instead, you’re getting a formula made with 100% eye-friendly ingredients that will hold all day!


Oh and did I mention?


It can be easily removed with warm water or any makeup remover...so no more tugging on your lashes!

Look Effortlessly Flawless With Our NEW Magic Liner
All-Day Hold, Weather-Proof and Life-Proof!




We both know that eyelashes can radically change the way you look…

But most of us don’t have the resources to run to the salon to get lash extensions every month :(
Our “Magic Liner” uses a precise felt tip…

...it’s glue-free and fast drying, so you can quickly apply lashes (even if you’re a beginner).
Finally, you can apply your lashes in SECONDS instead of hours!

What People Are Saying About Magic Liner


"I've always wanted to try on glue lashes but they've never been nice to me. So when i came across Wink Formula’s IG, i was shook! Like magnet and glue free?! How would that work? I had to get one to try and i was really amazed how well it looks on me. The lashes are fluffy and soft and its super easy to put on but most importantly it stays throughout the whole day. I love how Scarlet gives off a natural yet flirty look and I'm definitely grabbing more in the future. So much love for you xx!"

Nurul R.

My new Holy Grail!

"They were not kidding when they said application in seconds! Absolutely love how hassle free it is. It also withstood my hairdryer test and stayed on through my workout session. STILL UNABLE TO PROCESS HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE. Thank you so much for coming up with a eyeliner with precision that cuts down the time to get ready. Yay to no more expensive and long lash extension sessions at salons(:"

Ivy N.


"I have been loving and using Wink Formula's lashes all these while and was at first skeptical when the magic eyeliner came out. Magnetic lashes never worked for me as it irritates my eyes and the liquid liner tip makes it hard to draw on. I took the leap of faith and was incredibly impressed! The eyeliner has a precise tip in a pen form that I LOVE AND SWEAR BY! It literally took me a second to apply my lashes on right after I draw my clear liner on. It now has a permanent place in my heart and makeup bag <3"

Helena K.

Ladies Are Going Crazy Over These New Lashes And Magic Liner!

If you’re ready to feel the difference and experience a new way of wearing lashes like never before, I have some good news. I want you to try it today and not let anything get in the way...because today for a limited time only I’m offering a 14 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

Here's Our 100% Money Back Guarantee!

If you are not completely satisfied like everyone else who's gone and purchased this amazing new Magic Liner then we don’t deserve your money! But, we believe you will also become a fan of this amazing magic eyeliner and super soft lashes so go ahead and get your own today!

Which means there’s absolutely NO RISK when you try it today!

3 Reasons To Order the Magic Liner Today

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How is Magic Liner Different from Lash Glue?

- Zero Drying Time, and still  being able to easily adjust your lashes for that perfect fit.

-Zero sloppy glue-y mess getting into your natural lashes (which translates to zero chance of ripping them out when you remove your falsies).

- Zero crusty glue residue left all over your lashes, which means you get many more uses out of them.

Why Choose MagicLiner over Magnetic Liner?

Magnetic eyeliner did shake up the falsies space, but this is the new revolution. MagicLiner holds your lashes stronger and longer, and

zero need for magnets on your lashes means they're lighter, AND you can technically use any lashes (including magnetic lashes with our Black Magic Liner).


Because MagicLiner is so superior to magnetic eyeliner, we invite you to experience the Magic for yourself

backed with our 14-Day Risk Free Money-Back Guarantee!

How Long can the MagicLiner Kit Last Me For?

Our Magic Liner lasts for around 60 uses (depending on the amount used each time) while our

Handcrafted Lashes lasts for up to 30 uses with proper care.

How do I Remove it?

Micellar water on a cotton round or makeup wipes works best in removing out MagicLiner after an eventful day.

Gently remove as you would with regular waterproof eyeliner.

Wink Formula's Magic Liner is a product of Singapore❤️