Adding a pair of your favourite lashes to your makeup routine does magically draw so much attention to your eyes. However, we all might have experienced a situation where the lash design might not be the best for your eye shape. That is why Wink Formula started out to offer various designs in natural and glamorous options for all our lash-lovers out there to have a better selection and yet wallet-friendly. Here is a guide to finding your right pair of lashes that complements your eye shape with a natural of glam finish that suits your liking.

Round Eyes

Dolls that are able to see visible white portions of the eye around your iris, you have the beautiful shape of round eyes! To accentuate this, you can opt for wispy lashes with a flared effect at the outer corners to create that flirty cat-eye shape. This gives the illusion of longer and larger eyes providing all the balance needed for your eyes to sparkle. 

[Credits: Pinterest - Katy Perry]

Natural: Pixie, Luna

Glam: Diva

Almond Eyes

If you do not notice any visible whites above or below your iris, you my dear, might fall in the category of dolls with Almond shaped eyes. With a slight point at the ends of your eyes, most lash styles will suit your eye shape. You can draw attention to your eyes with round or flare designs, it all boils down to which look you are going for. Show off your beautiful eyes with voluminous lashes if you are feeling the bold and sultry vibe.

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[Credits: Viki - Yoona]

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[Credits: Pinterest - Rihanna]

Natural: Sunshine, Atarah, Pixie, Scarlet

Glam: Diva, Twilight, Diana, Hayley

Hooded Eyes

Remember that eyelid tape trick to turn hooded/monolids to defined double eyelids? Dolls with hooded eyes rejoice as wispy lashes are here to accentuate that sparkle in your eyes! Lashes that are slightly longer in the middle will create the illusion of depth and open up your eyes at the center for brighter looking eyes. Wispy lashes will be your best friend but feel free to try out more dramatic styles that brings attention to the center of your eyes where the iris is. Dare to create looks with the following recommended lashes

Natural: Luna, Atarah, Sunshine

Glam: Twilight, Hayley, Diana

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[Credits: Youtube - Jenn Im]

Mono-lidded Eyes

Our lashes are handcrafted to suit a range of eye shapes and to suit the comfort level of our wearers. Mono-lid beauties can leverage on how false lashes frames the eyes to give off that sassy vibes. You can opt for more fluttery lashes with a criss-cross & flare design to create a more wholesome balance of increased openness and length. If you have straight lashes like I do, be sure to prep your natural lashes by curling and applying mascara to them!

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[Credits: Twitter - Seulgi]

Natural: Pixie, Scarlet

Glam: Diana, Diva

Deep-set Eyes

Ladies who noticed that your eyes sit slightly further back under your brow bone, you’re one of our lovely dolls with deep-set eyes. I would recommend that you go for lashes with length and volume that curls up and away from your eyes. That would draw all the attention to your beautiful deep-set eyes. Try our glamourous styles that are extremely soft for that fluttery finish.

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[Credits: Kylie Jenner]

Natural: Scarlet, Luna

Glam: Hayley, Diana

Close-set Eyes

“Length and lift” Dolls that have close-set eyes may choose from lashes with all that flare to lift your eyes outwards to accentuate your eyes. Choose from lashes that will complement your eye shape and don’t be afraid to cut off any excess length of our lashes to suit your gorgeous eyes.

Natural: Pixie, Luna

Glam: Diva

Upturned Eyes

Dolls with this eye shape, where the outer corners point higher than the inner corners of your eyes, are the perfect candidate for a sultry cat eye look. Give our flared babies a try to accentuate a cat-eye look within seconds!

Natural: Pixie

Glam: Diva

Downturned Eyes

Lift and balance your doll like eyes as you unquestionably have the perfect eye shape to grab attention by creating a voluminous cat-eye look. Extend the out corners by opting for a flared design along the lash line, this would draw attention to that sparkle in your eyes in the best way.

Natural: Pixie

Glam: Diva


Bring out that sparkle in your eyes!

Do note that this guide is our lash artists’ take while handcrafting our cruelty-free lashes. It is not definite and we do not want it to be restrictive. Dare to try different designs to find one that fits you the best! Alternatively, check out our article on how to spice up the designs by layering or dissecting our lashes to customise your unique pair of lashes. Let’s spread the love of makeup as art.

Stay beautiful!