Are you tired of...

❌ Messy lash glue

❌ Flakey Magnetic liners and magnets falling off lashes
❌ Lashes lifting at the corners when you are getting your grind on
❌ thick and rigid lash band poking your eyes

Hey babe, we have been there and WE FEEL YOU. We really do, which is why we came up with ProWink™ tech lash liner - available in Clear. Take it from our community who vouches that it is a much kinder and fuss free way to get your glam on 😉 Here's what we have gathered on why THOUSANDS of rebels are making the switch to Wink Formula's ProWink Lash-Liner technology

✅ ProWink™ Liner superchaged with vegan biotin and castor oil to nourish your natural lashes
✅ In case we have not made it clear yet, CLEAR LINERS ARE IN DA HOUSE 🎉
✅ ProWink™ lash bands clings on for its dear life EVEN at the corners of it where they tend to lift when you are out and about hustling
✅ ProWink™ Tech Lashes are reusuable up to 60+ times

Also to top the cherry on the top 🍒 You are entitled to our 14 Day Money Back guarantee*, if our ProWink™ liners does not work for you!

What are you waiting for? Join in the revolution and it is time to redefine your fuss-free beauty routine~

Perfect lashes in 3 steps!

secure hold even in the corners 🔥

Why People LOVE ProWink®

Supercharged with lash loving ingredients, slay everyday while flaunting your personality!

Don't take our word for it. Take theirs!

Ruzanna, SG

Wink Formula is a staple

I LOOOOVE your products and I'm still using them. They're fool proof. Your liner is a game changer. And I absolutely love your personalised thank you note in the parcel. Something similar popped up in between stories but still not as good as you because their liner is still the old 2 piece, dip-stick on a cap type packaging. I don't wanna switch over to them if you're gone. I've come to a point in life where I mostly stick to what works and Wink Formula is a staple. Please stay in business. Xoxo

Sarah D. US

where have y'all been all my life.

hi. where have yall been all my life. :’)

items received n tried on. i love it n my eyelids seem to be good w ur products. I'm so happy. I'm getting married soon and have been thinking of ways to wear lashes without the glue adhesive n all I can find are magnetic ones n those feel bulky.

thank you so much for the prompt replies im so happy w ur product im sharing ur brand w my frens/family. thankyouu

Ann S. US

It didn't even come off.

Gives you the fluff and a little drama; I wore this pair on a night out and it didn't even come off. What I love about it, the lash liner does not leave any residue like when you use lash glue/magnetic liner. Definitely one of my favourite pair!

Melissa H, SG

Will definitely be repurchasing.

The first pair of falsies that look natural on my small eyes with hidden double eyelids. Gotten many compliments on them and will definitely be repurchasing.

Bevvy K, AU

It has held up through clubbing

I've been using lashes for years, with my trusty glue wand. I decided to try Wink Formula's ProWink liner after seeing it advertised on Instagram. Shipping took a little while, as I'm in Australia - however it was worth the wait. No more glue drying time, glue blots or tackiness all over the eyelid, and it is easy to wash off with warm water and facial soap. I am very impressed. It has held up through clubbing, light sprinkles of rain and wind, sweat, and also my horrendous sneeze attacks while I was sick. I also like the fact that if I draw it on my lashes, I don't have to worry about peeling all the glue bits off them later. I prefer the clear liner rather than the coloured, as I like the flexibility and leeway it gives me to make mistakes with the application and not worry about cleaning it up. Compared to other polymer liner pens on the market, this price point is affordable, even with shipping included. I have recommended this to my friends and I will definitely be buying again.


Why is the ProWink™ lash liner system different?

Lashes with ProWink™ tech are made with a special blend of polymers for the lash band which allows for better grip with our adhesive liners especially in the inner and outer corners of the eyes❤️ As compared to strip lashes, they last longer and are reusable for up to 60 uses as well.

Combined with our ProWink™ eyeliner that is supercharged with a vegan biotin peptide and castor oil, every application nourishes your lashes and strengthens it over time as well. No drying time needed. Waterproof and sweatproof. A whole new improved all day hold, EVEN in at the corners of the lashes.

So is it glue or adhesive lashes?

Not at all babe! Adhesive lashes are made from a rounded rolled-up glue with a thread in the center and it is good for only one-time usage.

Our ProWink™ lash band is made up of a blend of polymers to maximize the usage of your lashes to up to 60 times. It might be sticky at the first use as we had to secure it to its tray to maintain the curvature, but subsequent wears would be much easier to work with and easier to clean with our Reset makeup remover too :)

Does it work with normal strip lashes?

It can be used on normal strip lashes, but it works best (more secure) with our ProWink™ lash bands❤️

I have sensitive eyes, does this suit me?

Our products are formulated for a kinder application on even sensitive eyes (our founder has a allergic reaction to lash extensions and magnetic lashes thus the birth of ProWink™ technology. But as we do understand that it still might not be suitable for everyone, we do have a 14 Day Money Back guarantee in place, so feel free to reach back out in that unfortunate event.

* How does your 14 Day Money Back Gurantee work?

To find out more, you can refer to our refund and exchange policy here