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We're excited for you to start your fuss-free lash journey with us! To maximise the effectiveness of your ProWink™ Liner and lifespan of your lashes, we have compiled tips and pointers to take note off.


○ Gently remove your lashes from the box (TIP: always grab them from the base of the lash band to avoid tugging at the lash hairs as that would cause fallout over time as every pair of lashes are handcrafted and not machine produced.) Video Tutorial here

○ Allow the lash to sit on top of your eyelids and measure which part of the lash band to trim off. (TIP: always trim from the outer corners of the lash band to retain the shape and design of the lash) Video Tutorial here


○ Cleanse your eyelids to ensure that they are oil-free for a clean base to work with

○ Draw your liner close to your lash line, and when in doubt, feel free to wing it as well for that cat-eye look!

○ Taking the lashes that you've trimmed, position them and let them sit above the line drawn. After adjusting it in place, apply firm pressure on the lash band to the liner drawn to activate the pressure sensitive adhesive (TIP: apply magic liner on both ends of the lash band as well for better hold)

Check out this short video here for a visual tutorial


○ To remove, grab at the base of the lash band and gently remove it then store it back to its original box that it came with to maintain the curvature of the lash band.

○ Avoid using any form of makeup remover to clean the lashes as that would breakdown the adhesive holding the lash structure in place, causing shedding. To wash the lashes, use a dedicated oil-free lash shampoo - RENEW lash shampoo

This can be done periodically.

○ Remove the ProWink™ Liner residue left on your eyelid as you would with regular waterproof makeup

Need a video guide? Check out our tutorial here!

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