Alter Ego
All that fluff & length makes it perfect to channel that inner Beyoncé. Alter Ego lash plays on the varying lash lengths and layers to form that iconic mix of sweet + glam complementing your confidence regardless of day or night.

9-15 mm

Atarah A funky twist added to its natural look for a gorgeous finish. It might appear like a meek pair of lashes but the wispiness of it and the comfortable cotton band would aid you in getting about your day with elegance and feeling effortlessly beautiful.

6-15 mm

True to its name, this lash was low-key launched online and received such overwhelming love from the moment it was listed as it discreetly caught the eye of so many of you babes. An upgraded version of PIXIE lash, its subtle flare design and not too over-the-top length makes it a perfect addition that complements your style and statement.

7-15 mm


A must-have in your collection if you are going for a doll-like look. This baby was extremely well received by you dolls and now we have upgraded it to complement almost every eye shape to bring out that sparkle in you.

The unique play on the different density of lashes across the band with the longest lashes in the center will bring all the attention to your eyes for that subtle flare and dolly effect.

7-17 mm


Newest pixie-perfect lash for those who seek a natural winged eye effect. With its intricate pairing of criss-cross design and varying lengths. The Pixie lash would be your new best friend for a natural dreamy look.

5-12 mm



Issa whole Vibe with Pow! Lash. Taking it up a whole notch in the glam lash space, this baby draws attention to your eyes with its playful take on its crossover layered design. Topping it off with that cat-eye effect with its flare outer ends, it's your perfect partner in crime to hustle in confidence in.

8-16 mm


Brillance in lash form. The cheeky pairing of criss-cross pairings and strategic placing of each lash makes it a perfect lash to add in your collection as a lash-addict and will have you owning your look!

6-15 mm


Consists of all the makings of wifey material, a lot of detail went into the criss-cross parings of the lashes. Achieves a natural lash formation with just the right amount of Sweet + Fun, making it a perfect addition to your everyday look.

5-11 mm


A match-made-in-heaven combination of wispy and flirtatious, this pair of lashes is perfect in completing your everyday look. A subtle and playful pair with a hint of volume at the ends, Whimsical lash is your go-to lashes on days where you feel inspired for a refreshed vibe paired with cloud-like comfort

7-14 mm